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My kids are complaining about lag on their laptops when they play minecraft. The machines are a three to four years old, bloated with old stuff, and I'm thinking it might be easier to buy new laptops than try to really reinstall the old ones.

But I don't really want to spend too much money on the machines. So I guess here are my questions:

1) Is windows 7 or 8 less resource intensive?

2) What is the lowest recommended ram for a solid machines that will last them a few years?

3) Does the laptop videocard really matter for minecraft lag?

4) What processors with the above OS and RAM will equate to a solid quick response laptop.

5) Anything else to think about?

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  1. just base it off of its system requirements.
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    You want a good CPU. i3 or i5. AMD a10/a8 would be ok too.

    4gb RAM minimum.

    A dedicated GPU will help ALOT on an intel build or any build without an APU (a-series CPU from AMD)

    You don't need a dedicated GPU to run minecraft, but if they ever want to play a different game, it will be impossible without a dedicated GPU.
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