what do you think of these numbers how can ya tell a psu is good

ok, some of these numbers are bogus aand idk why but speed fan reads the same if it reads at all but that's mainly for the temps. in bios temps look ok but im wonderin bout if my power supply is functioning well or not. some the numbers look belivable so is there a better way to see if power supply working well? I do have 2 radeon 7850's in crossfire on a 650wat psu of decent quality 3yr s old but could some of those volts be accuarate and pc actualy function? or is there a reason large ftts and blend tests in prime shut off pc withen 20seconds of running? samall ffts are fine can run that all day
Manufacturer Intel Corporation
Model DX58OG (CPU 1)
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model X58
Chipset Revision 13
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model 82801JR (ICH10R)
Southbridge Revision 00
System Temperature 92 °C
Brand Intel Corp.
Version SOX5820J.86A.0888.2012.0129.2203
Date 1/29/2012
CPU CORE 1.328 V
AVCC 3.344 V
3VCC 3.344 V
VIN4 1.224 V
VIN5 0.832 V
VIN6 1.184 V
+2.5V 1.653 V
CPU CORE 1.329 V
ATX +3.3V 3.264 V
ATX +5V 11.796 V
ATX +12V 12.298 V
CPU CORE 1.328 V
+3.3V 3.344 V
+5V 5.016 V
+12V 8.531 V
VIN5 0.832 V
VIN6 1.184 V
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  1. What PSU are you running.

    how do I attach a file so I can show what I mean < photobucket or imageshack.
  2. well its not the best brand name but it is there premium line it is a Cooler master real power pro 650 has 2x 6pin wires one for each graphics card so id think it be fine for this but some them voltage numbers make me wonder if that's even possible? if my volts where off in places one would think pc be frozen all the time but I don't know. how else can I test the psu getting a new one aint really an option at the moment but ifi knew somthin was bad id move it higher on the priority list
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