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I am building a computer for a friend. He doesn't want one to game one. But he is a big media guy. His original budget was around $450.00. I hit with this build, minus the Monitor. He ended up telling me after that he didn't have one. This is $100 over his Budget. I am trying to see if I can lower the price somewhere, but I am thinking it's impossible. I figured I would see if you guys could find anything that could bring him closer to his Budget.

He already as a Mouse, and I have a Video Card I am going to give him. He is on his own for speakers though.
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  1. Get a cheaper case
    Get a better PSU. (Antec, XFX, Corsair, seasonic)
    Get an h77 motherboard.
    Use saved money to get 8gb RAM
  2. What GPU will you be giving him?
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