Nvidia 670 or AMD 7950

So I'm looking to build a new Intel Gaming machine and I'm a bit stuck on my Video Card choice.
I'm trying to decide between the SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 100352VXSR Radeon HD 7950 and the MSI N670 PE 2GD5/OC GeForce GTX 670.

I've never used an AMD GPU and I've heard good and bad about them from people who've had both. My setup would use 2 monitors at most, I'm not against SLI/CrossFire for the future however with my current budget I'd like to stick with 1 card.

What are your thoughts?
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  1. Simple answer GTX 670
  2. 670 is faster
  3. 670 is faster, but the 7950 is a bit cheaper (~$50 or so), so it depends on your budget. I'd also consider the 7970 too.
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    670. Faster and if you want to sli in a few years you can. With amd I wouldn't crossfire but I'd consider it with nvidia
  5. +1 to 670 being faster. The 7950 is cheaper though and will come with 2 new games that would cost $100 or better if you were to buy them separately. Although Nvidia is throwing in Metro Last Light with the 660 and up.

    Generally 7990 > 690 > 7970Ghz > 680 > 7970 > 670 > 7950 > 660 Ti
  6. I should add:
    670 is faster but the 7950 is cheaper like mentioned already.
  7. I personally like the 7950, the AMD drivers has been good lately. Im just saying from my personal experiences. I wanted to get the 670 but I am fine with 7950.
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