Windows 8 Ethernet Controller Driver

In short: I need one.


Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3300+ 2.41 GHz

System Type: 32-bit Operating System, x64 based processor

This enough information for you guys to figure out the issue?
Please and thank you in advance.
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  1. In Short: No
    We kinda need to know what network card and OS(not just thats its 32-bit) you have before we can find a driver. If its an integrated NIC post the make and model of the system or motherboard.
  2. Ok, My bad.

    Where would I find this info?
  3. Eternal-Lion Zeke said:
    Ok, My bad.

    Where would I find this info?

    From VEN DEV numbers...
    W8 Winkey plus X - Device Manager.
    Choose Hardware, (in Network adapters)
    Right Click/Properties
    Details/Device Description/Hardware IDs
    Note VEN number eg. 10EC
    Note DEV number eg. 8168
    Search VENdor (eg, 10EC = Realtek Semiconductor)
    DEVice (eg. 8168 = PCIe GBE Ethernet etc.)
    Select device and look for notes which may contain driver link, or google device details.
  4. If its an OEM system(dell hp, acer, etc) the model number will be on the case.
  5. PCI\VIN_1039&DEV_0900&SUBSYS_2AD4103C
  6. Eternal-Lion Zeke said:

    SiS 900 Fast Ethernet Adapter
    Type the Code and agree to conditions. Choose Windows XP then Network Driver then SiS 900 & Integrated SiS
    Hit 'Go', choose location and download. Save File, open Folder. Double click the folder to unzip, and again to open.

    Normally I would Rt click the setup file and choose 'Troubleshoot Compatibility' but that doesn't seem to work on this computer. If the same with you just open and hope it works. If it fails you may be offered to try different settings.
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