Good gaming mouse under 20

What are some good brands? Are the ones on ebay good? Whats a good Dpi?
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  1. you want a computer for $20? LOL

    misread lol
  2. Azn Cracker said:
    you want a computer for $20? LOL

    Mouse not computer
  3. Much has been said about getting the mouse with the highest DPI, but it's important to realize that DPI is simply a measure of sensitivity. Per Kim Ron, the CMO of Steelseries you could go to a professional tournament and "Ninety percent of the expert gamers there will be using a DPI value between 800 to 1,600." So, instead of looking to move your mouse more quickly gamers should be looking for better precision, functionality, and comfort.A few i like are Logitech G500,Logitech G9X ,Razer Deathadder 3500,Cooler Master Storm Inferno none of which cost $20 i am not aware of any good gaming mouse that cheap sorry.
  4. I can come close .... Logitech M125 .... under that price, I wouldn't bother
  5. oh lol i misread (tired). but for $20 you cant really do much. For $30 you can get a ok logitech mouse. The ones on ebay should be as good as any other retailer (minus the customer support of course)
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    the707guy said:
    Your welcome!:)
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