Windows aero disabled via regedit -how to un-do!?

At some point I had heard that disabling aero on windows 7 64x via registry would free up more RAM than doing it via preferences.

Needless to say I followed steps to remove aero via registry tweaking and now I'm trying to get it back. I have no idea what site i was at when i found this worthless information so i can't back track my steps or what not.

Basically when i go to preferences, the option for the aero theme is grey and un-clickable so doing this had managed to make it impossible to ever get aero again in any conventional method.

Anyone know how to tweak regedit to get it back?!

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  1. Don't know why you just didn't uncheck "Enable Transparency" when you right click on the desktop and go to personalize...that is disabling aero. If you have a system restore before you did that might be your only chance. I don't feel like googling how to solve it.

    Edit : If you don't have a restore point, you may be stuck with re installing windows or doing a repair, to see if that helps. Lesson learned I guess?
  2. When working in the registry, always make a backup first. The registry editor does allow you to save all or any portion of the registry and to load them back in later.
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