Worth upgrading from 24" - 27" Monitor? (MX279H or S27A950DS)


I am in quite the pickle, I am wanting to purchase a 27" monitor, I am currently using an LG-E2441 24" monitor, but I'm planning on buying Storm Stryker and and the MSI 7970 TF III once its released in my Country (MSI said around the end of the month), and was just wanting to get the best out if it all.

I was thinking of this monitor http://www.samsung.com/sg/consumer/pc-peripherals-printer/monitor/led-monitor/LS27A950DS/XS

($450 AUD)

I like this a lot, and the fact it has 3D is a plus, I have never gamed in 3D so no idea what to expect, but I don't really wanna purchase if 3D sucks, and if that's the case, I was thinking about this one,


($370 AUD)

But I can't tell if its really worth the money, coming from using this http://www.lg.com/au/support-product/lg-E2441V-BN

which I bought last year for like $169, but things just don't look to great on it..

I know essentially, it's up to me, but some opinions couldn't surely make it any harder :P (Or could it -.^)

The thin boarders are very appealing, opposed to mine lol

Let me know what y'all think, and If you have any experience with 3D gaming, on that note, I have a question about it..

I see a lot of the time, it says 2D > 3D conversion, Is that just normal "3D"?

family had a 3D TV in 2011, and I know you can convert to 3D, but when playing a game in 3D, say this game has the option to turn on 3D (I actually don't know any 3D capable PC games) but nonetheless, would just convert it to 3D or does it use a different, more pure 3D approach, but I read about "Ghosting" and such, I just don't understand whether that is an aspect of just playing any game, one that wasn't intend to be played in such a manner (2D > 3D conversion) or does this also occur in games that have the pure in game option, of enabling 3D?

I apologize If I'm not making much sense right now, lol.

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  1. i own a s27a950d, not sure what the difference is with 950DS though. but i love the color, check the reviews it is very nice.
    the 3d is a bonus, works with 3d blurays that i have (only have few though), 3d is hit and miss but that is expected.
    3d is nice for me for games that do not have much movement (love playing ssf4:ae in 3d). but for example, bf3, it is hard to play in 3d, including aiming lol.

    and plus, the monitor is sexy, unique design as well, just be careful, having a leg only on one side is not that good.
  2. I believe they should be the same monitor, yeah, I read a lot of review about it on New Egg, but I found majority of them were listing something negative about it, yet, were some positive ones too, quite a lot, but still made it hard to consider if its a worthy purchase, I was essentially, only going for that model to try out 3D..

    A lot of reviews state problems with the 3D side of it, says how it's shipped with cheap glasses, which is the reason.
  3. i've tried quite a few 3d glasses, and most are cheap looking, i kinda like my 3d glass though. in fact ill try to find an extra pair, so that i can have my little boy watch with me :)

    color is good, even with minimal setting changes. just keep in mind that it is still a TN panel. maybe you can try to look for a PLS or IPS
  4. Hmm, well, the alternative, non-3D monitor I listed is supposedly IPS, I've seen footage of the Samsung, and it looked very clear and nice, If it's a good as it seems, I don't mind missing out on IPS, I've never owned an IPS monitor anyway.
  5. my advice, if possible, check it out personally so that you would appreciate it. whatever model you want,

    s27a is not cheap, but it's worth it if you asked me. and that time, there were very few 27 inch monitors from where i am. and i bought it about a year ago if im not mistaken
  6. Yeah, and I've seen few videos on 3D, L4D and what not, looks quite decent, it's got me intrigued, lol.. Just don't want any regrets, nonetheless, looks amazing in 2D, but like you said, Is pricey.

    I can't find any actual retailers selling them, so I can't exactly view it myself, New-egg states it's discontinued, so that's possibly why.

    Anyone know a decently priced 120hz monitor for gaming, 3D not necessary, If it does, would be nice if it works proper though :P
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