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I am desperately trying to build a budget gaming system.

I was thinking about buying the $80 AMD A8-3800 APU (which comes with integrated HD 6550D). I have learned that with the $100 HD 6670 I can cross-fire it with the integrated graphics. With this bundle, I get a decent quad-core 2.40 GHz (with 2.70 Ghz boost!) and two GPUs in cross-fire for only $180! Now, I can add 8 GBs of DDR3-1333, and a basic mobo with a 300 watt PSU for about $200. The CPU only requires 65 watts, and the HD 6670 also consumes very little. Therefore, for $380 I have myself a powerful gaming machine capable of running new games at medium setting @ 780p resolution! I can re-use my tower and optical drives and etc. from my old system (specs in signature).

What do you guys think?
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  1. it is very good idea,if you can get a10 5700k then it would be more better
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