graphics card upgrade

can you help me
i have a dell studio xps 8100 desktop
amd ati radeon hd 5450 1gb graphics card i am looking to upgrade the graphics card as my games keep stalling.
i have seen the amd radeon hd 7750
4 gb graphics card but am not sure if this is compatable.
i have got two games that i like, railworks &ets2 truck sim. the new game that i want
is TSM 2 map it needs 600 mb of base memory &graphic card with 1gb of ram.
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  1. lol 4gb of gpu,fully waste.get 1gb only as it is enough
  2. What is your budget? I prefer NVIDIA for GPUs. TH has great reviews for graphics. I agree that 4GB is overkill.
  3. 7750 cant properly use 2gb leave alone 4gb u don't need this much vram although 7750 is the best graphic card that does not need a pci connector
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