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I installed windows 7 yesterday .everything seems ok but mz speaker sound is not working.i went into sound ,playback.but thre it shows that high definition audio devise is not pluged in over speaker section.but everzthing was fantastic before installing win 7.also note i have external sound card on mz doesnt seems to be drivers problem since in device manager-sound,video and game controller section it shows that this device is working properly. i dont know what to do .please help.
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  1. Did you install the sound driver for the make and model you have. When installing win7 it will install a generic driver for your hardware.
  2. no I didnt install any sound driver. actually I want to but window doesnt show any message as found new hardware.i even have driver disc.i unplugged & plugged my sound card but still no message there.i tried to update my driver by inserting compact disc but message appeared as '' you already have best driver install''
  3. I would get the driver from the manufacturer as it will be the most up to date. Just download it then uninstall your sound driver then install the new one. GOOD LUCK..
  4. Are you check "window audio" service status in services.msc
    It is started or not ?
  5. i think it must be driver problem.i have intex ESS 1938 sound card worked fine in windows xp 32 bit but now i have installed 64 bit version window 7 ultimate.i read it over net that this sound card has no updated driver for win it true & is this why my speaker device is showing unplugged ?
  6. I will say yes without a driver the hardware will not work. Have you tried to install the driver in compatibility mode.
  7. thank you christop for looking into my matter,but i dont know how to install driver in compatibility mode.
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