My Fx 8350 code name is zambezi?

i dont know why my 8350 code name read as zambezi, i always thought it should be vishera.. do i have a cheap verison of 8350? whats the diff tho, since i just bought it maybe i can return it or something. i just dont have to use a low end model of 8350 while the new one is out there. thanks
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  1. And where do you read that code name? This name is not codes in the cpu, so it comes from a translation table in the software. Either your software doesn't know of Vishera cores, because it's to old or you actually have a FX-8150 with Zambezi cores.
  2. Which software shows it as zambezi?
    Its has to be a software issue.
    Download the latest verion of CPU-Z, it should show it correctly.
  3. I have the asus crosshair mobo, one of the software come with should fx8350 Zambezi, but I havent install one of the item from the software( its like amd something I forget the exact word), because when I click on it, it ask me to install catalyst. I don't want to do that yet because I m waiting on my new video card.
  4. Its an outdated software.
    Did you download CPU-Z? It should give the correct information.
  5. i have same probleme
    is realy AMD FX 8350 is bulldozer "ZAMBEZI" :S
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