7870 XT Club 3D or Sapphire?

Hello guys, I have some answers about 7870 XT.
Which is better? From Sapphire or Club 3D?
I will use this card for GPGPU, so it will be working 24h non-stop on maximum performance.
I read some reviews and I concluded, that Club 3D draws a little bit less power than sapphire, but Sapphire is cooler.
They both have codes for same games?
In our country is Club 3D version about 15$ cheaper than Sapphire version.
Which one should I buy?
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  1. i donot know much about club3d ,in that case i will go with saphhire one
  2. I say you go for the Sapphire if you have the money, you should also consider the warranty period of each card since you will be using it non stop.
  3. You should go with the sapphire 7870XT. Not sure about Club3d but sapphire model uses Hynix GDDR5 memory that overclocks better. Also the cooling is better and quieter than Club3d one thanks to the duel fan setup. Sapphire all the way.....
  4. Okay, I won´t overclock GRAM. I have found Powercolor 7870 PCS+ Myst even cheaper than Club 3d´s. That Powercolor is about 40$cheaper than Sapphire model. How about that powercolor ? BTW: All graphic cards I bought are from Sapphire. Sapphire is my favourite brand, but I am short on money right now. :/
  5. Powercolor 7870 PCS+ Myst ? had u checked if it was tahiti LE (7870 XT) ?

    as i remember powercolor had a simmilar name for it's normal 7870 Ghz....
    If it indeed a 7870 XT (tahiti LE) then go for it...
  6. It has core clock of 925Mhz and 1536 shaders, so it should be Tahiti LE.
  7. If i had an option to buy a club 3d card i would, They usually shop with a lot of overclocking headroom and have decent temps.
    Here is a good review
  8. Okay, I will get Powercolor version, but we have it only in one shop and they don´t say and don´t know anything about bundled games, so if there aren´t any bundled games, I will return it back to the shop.
  9. yeah amd has a few bundle offers going, the one you're looking for is the amd 'never settle: reloaded' game bundle (http://sites.amd.com/us/promo/never-settle/Pages/nsreloaded.aspx#2)

    shows qualifying stores, but i recon u should be able to get it
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