Would this CPU bottleneck the GPU?

I am thinking about building a new PC. Would an Intel Core i3-3220 @ 3.3GHz bottleneck a Gigabyte GTX 660? And if so, by how many fps?
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    i have a i3 3220, and a 7770, which is on par with the 650ti, and the gpu is the bottlenecking factor for me :) so i dont think it would bottleneck. also the 3220 is a brilliant cpu :)

    good luck, Sam
  2. I had gtx 660 with core 2 quad @ 3.5 ghz, 4gb ram, but gpu died, now using gtx 560 ti, well, games run at 45 to 70 fps on med to high @ 1920x1080, don't think i have a bottleneck, or if i have it's not big, i get 4600 points with cpu test on performance test 8 program, and 4100 pts with 560ti overclocked a bit, so i get cpu faster than gpu, guess no bottleneck : s
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