Is the MSI GTX 660 Ti (Power edition) OC worth the extra cost over the non-ti 660 OC?

Hi there, My first post on this forum as I've been going out of my mind trying to decide which way to go.

I'm looking at a system re-build with a budget of around £500 (with a little bit over if needed).

I really like the look of the MSI GeForce GTX 660 Ti Power Edition OC, but it's around £80 more than the non Ti, From what I can see, average FPS improvements is around 10, however when the MSAA seems to be increased, the differance minimises to around half that - I know this is for Asus cards, but it's a guide the closest I can find.

If I get the non-ti, then I could put the £80 towards a new case - I like the look of the Coolermaster HAF XB to replace my Antec 300.

Other things, I use 3 screens (currently on a Radeon HD 6870 and want to give nVidia a go again). I'll also be getting an i5 3750k and look to OC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. it is for sure a boost to get the TI version but to be honest 80pounds difference ? i dont think so :) since you are going to use more than 1 monitor either get a card with more VRAM or try to run SLI if it fits your budget.
    i'll advise you to run gtx650ti boost on SLI the card is like cheap and performs between 660 and 660 ti and its cheaper than 660ti :)
  2. Honestly I would discourage you from getting the 660ti. The major limitation and the reason I am not even going to bother using SLi with my 660ti (the exact version you are looking at) is because it only has 192 bit memory interface as compared to the 670 and the ATI cards' 256 bit. On top of the fact that its got 2GB of VRAM, its going to hurt your performance using 3 screens.

    Dont get me wrong, I love my 660ti and it runs my 2 monitor setup admirable while still maxing games, but by adding a third monitor. the performance will definitely take a hit.
  3. There is about a 10% difference in performance with the Ti over the non-Ti.
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