New monitor screen tearing?

I recently bought a 21.5" 1080p LED Samsung Syncmaster Monitor (S22B350)

I'm running it through an HDMI cable on it's native resolution and the quality is great. However, when i'm playing FPS games like Counter-Strike, there are really noticable amounts of screen tearing when the mouse is being moved. Of course a solution would be to turn vsync on, but that causes mouse input lag. So is there any other solution to reducing this screen tearing other than buying a new monitor? It's a nice monitor otherwise and I feel like it should be capable of playing some games paired up with my HD 7850.
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  1. I had screen tearing and i thought it was related to my new monitor. It turns out that the latest driver for my Nvidia card was causing this, so I rolled back to an older driver and my problem went away. Try that.
  2. You could use an fps limiter instead of vsync. MSI afterburner lets you do that. Weird that you get tearing in cs. I play csgo without vsync and get 130-160 fps and have only noticed tearing once or twice.
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