New Asus Maximus V Formula Motherboard Blue Screen of Deat BSOD


I recently bought a new asus Maximus V Formula Motherboard with a new Intel 3770k i7(Ivy Bridge). I transferred my ram(8GB), Graphics processor MSI HD Radeon 6950 power edition, PSU and hard drive and have never got past the windows logo. It keeps BSOD on me and I have no idea what to do. I've been reading around and found nothing. Any Ideas??
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  1. You need to format and do a fresh windows installation. Windows won't reload if more than two device drivers have been changed, and a new motherboard model will require multiple device driver changes to run windows. It's best to install the windows dvd in your dvd drive and reboot so it will use the dvd as a boot device. Then windows can be installed after it formats your drive. You could back up some of your devices first if you install your old board and get windows running again. I normally just start over. An ssd will install windows in about half the time; then you can add your main drive while windows is running, and it will configure it as a secondary drive automatically if you're using the pro or ultimate version of windows 7.
  2. I did a factory reset on hard drive which was bought from HP, and its running fine on my old computer, but wont do anything with the ASUS. would you still recommend doing what you said.

    By the way thanks very much
  3. Hp windows installations only work with geniune hp boards; tried what you did, and the hp windows installation gave me a message when windows tried to load about having the wrong board. I would find another windows dvd with fresh coa on craigslist. Make sure it's unopened and either oem or retail boxed, not hp. Some dell versions will work on other branded boards, but hp is proprietary to hp motherboards only. Dell is probably the only oem maker that sells it's own branded windows dvd's.
  4. Okay guys, I'm getting a Copy off Microsoft and its mid download. I'll get back to you as soon as. Thanks for all your help by the way.

    Just out of interest how did you all find this stuff out??
  5. I learned the hard way, buying a non hp board for my compaq pc. If your old board is still good, might as well sell it with your old hp windows coa sticker off the side of your hp case. Used, an hp board can bring more than some regular brands.
  6. Cheers guys, I've been having a go at this new windows 7 install and not getting any luck, keeps saying a required cd dvd drive device is missing. I've been looking everywhere for it. Its not even on Asus website or on the install CD for it
  7. Download the free ImgBurn Program and enable the 'Make Image Bootable' option.

    After you make the bootable DVD, set the PC BIOS order to boot from the Optical Drive. Insert the DVD you made and restart. After installing Windows change the boot order back to boot from hard drive first.
  8. Is there no way to do it via USB. I dont have any disks.
  9. You can buy blank dvd's for about one dollar each in small containers of 5-10. I use frys or best buy; even walmart sells them.
  10. I got it fixed up. I re downloaded it from Microsoft, and did a clean mount to my USB. Running fine now.
    Thank you very much everyone who help out
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