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Hello everyone,

My current computer of three years is air cooled and after a few hours of operation, will raise the ambient room temperature to the point where I sweat if the AC is off. At my current apartment, we have AC, so it's not a big problem, but I'm going to be moving to an apartment without AC. I need a system that gets most of the heat out of the room.

Here's my current idea: I would take the summer to build a tank for a mineral oil submersion and get a radiator to hang outside my window. I have read all the posts on the forum about mineral oil cooled systems, and I am aware of the disadvantages, namely the mess if not installed properly, poor specific heat, and the upgrading issues.

I'm leaning towards the oil because it will cool all my components, since I'm not overclocking, the temperature should be fine and would get most of the heat out of the room with the radiator, which is my goal.

I have looked into some water cooled systems, but I would have to modify the tubing to get the length I need to hang the radiator, and I would have to get a system for my graphics cards as well(SLI PNY XLR8 VCGGTX465XPB GeForce GTX 465).

Please don't blow this off as another mineral oil thread, I'm just not aware of another system that would fit my needs.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Buy an air conditioner.
  2. Oil, water, or air....the heat still exists.

    and get a radiator to hang outside my window.
    What will you do when it rains?

    Get a window AC.
  3. I love the all in one cooling systems like the Corsiar H100i. It has the pump radiator and every thing pre-assembled so that it is easy to install. The H100i uses a dual 120 Mil fan prot and if your case does not support this then you might try the H80i which uses a single 120 Mil that can be attached to the normal case fan port on the back.


    Other things you could try is to replace your TIM, get larger air cooler, or look into upgrading your case. I never recomend oil because it is messy, expensive and ugly. You do not get better cooling over water and water is way cheaper and looks cool.

    Can you tell us what your current core temps are?
  4. +1 to buying a window mount AC lol. Iv had ideas of ducting a window AC into my case and going for a 5+ Ghz OC lol. Kinda worried about the condensation though.
  5. @JimF_35: I have a quad core with temps from 54-59C.

    I honestly didn't of a wall mounted AC. Do most need to be installed? I have to go through the landlord to make any modifications. Thanks for the feedback again.
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