How do I transfer the photos taken on my iPad

I want to reset my apple Id on my iPad but don't want to loose the photos that have already been taken on it, where can I transfer the photos to and how do I do it??. Thanks
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    how about email them to yourself

    There is a huge amount of them and videos
  2. Why not just download them to your computer using iTunes. And then put them back in after resetting your apple id.

    Dropbox or some other cloud storage service would work too if you don't have a computer with iTunes. Apple folks like iCloud but I am guessing that it's linked to your apple id.
  3. If you jsut want to copy your photo's of your iPad, do what I do with my iPhone 4. Plug it into the computer, Widnows will detect it as a camera device, look in My Computer and you will see your iPad as a camera, open it and browse the folder and copy your images out. You cannot copy them onto your iPad, only off.
  4. If you are using Mac, 3 steps:
    1. Connect the device to your computer. iPhoto should automatically launch.
    2. Click Import All.
    3. When the photos finish importing, you will be presented with a dialog asking whether you'd like to delete the original photos from your Camera Roll. Click Delete Photos.

    If you are using windows, 5 steps:
    1. Connect your pad to computer.
    2. Choose Start > Computer. Right-click the logo for your device and click Import pictures and videos.
    3. Click the Import Settings link. In the resulting window, you can change the folder to which your Camera Roll's photos will be imported by clicking the Browse button next to the "Import to" field. By default, these will be imported to the My Pictures folder.
    4. Enable the option, "Always erase from device after copying". Click "OK"
    5. Wait until tranfering completes, Windows Photo Gallery will launch with your photos.

    For more detail please refer to
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