Graphics card or processor?

For gaming which I am i better off doing:
-Getting a mid range processor and graphics card such as 3570k and radeon HD 7870
-Getting a lower range processor such as fx 6300 and higher range graphics card such as radeon hd 7950

Thanks in advance.
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    What kind of resolution are you playing at? The i5 and 7870 will work very well together. You could get a second 7870 down the road and run them in crossfire. The i5 will have no trouble running both of them.

    The FX cpu will work fine for games but its fact that Intel outperforms AMD (I use strictly amd, and I still know intel will give you the better performance)

    at 1920x1080 res, the i5/7870 combo should easily satisfy you.
  2. unless you plan on gaming over 1080p you'll never be able to tell the difference between the two systems; that said the FX will push out greater FPS... especially if you're overclocking the 7950 (some 7950 can reach stock 7970 performance).

    conversely, if you're playing titles which are cpu dependent, or playing on 3 monitors or something with monstrously huge resolution the advantage of the FX will vanish, and there will be some games (civ 5 for example) which will end up playing better on the intel.
  3. From those two I would pick the 6300/7950, if you can get it for the same price. You'll get higher fps in practically everything.
  4. It depends.
    If your games are cpu dependent, like BF3 multiplayer, then buy the stronger cpu, the 3570K.
    If you play BF3 single player, and most other games, the better 7950 card will be better.
    But, really, the 7950 is not very much stronger than the 7870.
    My take is to go the 3570K route.
    That leaves open the option to upgrade to a much stronger amd 8xxx or nvidia GTX7xx card next year.
    Do not plan on cf/sli unless you anticipate triple monitor gaming.
    If you go the fx 6300 route, it is much harder to upgrade to a stronger intel cpu and motherboard. Such a change may also require a windows reinstall.
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