Need help picking out a gaming keyboard and mouse.

I'm thinking about upgrading from my Logitech Wave Combo MK550, but I honestly don't know anything about buying a gaming keyboard or mouse. I don't even really know enough to set a budget so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not looking to spend more than $50 for both.
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  1. If you can only afford $25 each, you might as well just grab whatever Logitech Mouse+Keyboard thats on the shelf at your local office store. You need to be spending $50 each before your going to be getting anything decent.

    Grab whatever mouse has side buttons, will probably be more office oriented than gaming at this price bracket.
  2. Ok then, what's the cheapest gaming keyboard and mouse you could recommend?
  3. At that price everything will be exactly the same. Just roll to Walmart and get the $13.99 logitech keyboard and a wired mouse. They will be perfectly fine. I used a 13.99 logitech keyboard for a year before I got my mechanical keyboard.
  4. Honestly The only reason I'm replacing anything is because I've found that my keyboard does have some serious lag (it's wireless) when I game, but works fine other times. The mouse on the other hand is perfect, aside from only having 2 extra buttons (Back and Forward). Plus they both use the same USB receiver.

    Would a game pad be a better investment? Any suggestions for one around $50 bucks? I'm kind of looking at the Razr Nostromo but I'm not a fan of the key layout.

    I mostly play MMORPG , RPG, Action Adventure and a little FPS, but not much.
  5. I prefer a mouse and keyboard. Any one wired keyboard and mouse will be fine.
  6. I have never liked game pads. I can't really comment on these.
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