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Hi.. i am new here...
i have problem on my system since last day.. i was nicely running my system on the day and that suddenly switched off. i am just wondered and i can't understand the reason, i am tested my PSU and that works nicely. I think my MB is the problem.. CPU fan doesn't working, there is no light in ethernet port..and nothing.., But my USB devices LED just blinking ... Any body know What is the Problem...Help me...
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  1. This does sound like a motherboard problem. Unfortunately, there isn't any tests that really prove the motherboard is the problem, except for swapping an identical motherboard for testing. Specifically, the problem could be that the CPU socket isn't getting enough electricity.
  2. How i can test and prove? i think there have no problem with cpu power socket... My RAM Cpu and psu are nicely working with another MB..
  3. If you haven't already done the following, I suggest you do:

    1. Use digital multimeter to test the voltages on the P1 connector. This is the 20/24-pin power connector from power supply to motherboard.
    Yellow wires are +12v
    orange wires are +3.3v
    red wires are +5v
    blue wires are -12v
    brown is +3.3v
    purple is +5v

    2. Breadboard your motherboard by removing it from the case, and then reinstalling core components for booting. The core components are CPU, PSU, and one module of RAM.

    If you've already done these tests, and your motherboard still fails to power on, then you very likely have a bad board.
  4. List all your hardware specs including brand, model, and PSU watts.
    What program or game being played when it shut down
    What OS x32 or x64?
    Are you using a gaming mouse/keyboard?

    Any recent updates?

    Try to give a few snapshots of the PC gizzards, it could be a bad cabling set up.
    If you use molex adapters, that can cause issues under extreme PC use.
    What do you have connected to the usb ports?
    You should not have your phone or external hdd connected prior to shutdown or boot up.

    If your PSU is near to peak power, extra use of usb ports could cause the ports to expire, some of the ports are different, some could be usb 3 usb 2 or ewven usb 1.1 on older motherboards.
  5. Currently i have no digital multimeter in my dashboard... i had changed my PSU last week.. i am using Zebronic 450 w PSU now.. That is working finely with my friends MB.. ( if this is a power issue, then Working with other MB is possible? i dont know)
  6. my specs..

    CPU - AMD athlon 64 x2 4000
    MB - Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2
    RAM -Twinmos DDR-2 2GB 800Mhz
    HDD - Seagate 200 GB SATA
    PSU - Zebronics 450W
    OS - Win 7 (32-bit)

    i was watching a movie at the time of shutdown

    i have no any gaming console attached to my pc

    There is no molex adapters currently in power section..
  7. You have only got 2gb or ram, you'd need 4gb of ram even though it is only x32, you'd still get up to 3.5gb or ram usability.
    800mhz is rather slow but not altogether useless. I only use DDR2 800mhz for Vista x32 (this PC) and it is more than satifactory for internet, youtube, dvd movies etc but there is often a lag after a few hours, though.

    The only thing I could advise is that to only watch the movies from a cold boot up rather than after doing other tasks. At least do a restart so that it clears the memory of data bits. Also, better to add the extra ram, it does improve the performance structure, somewhat.
  8. My problem System Can't power ON.. Then how i can restart?:fou: I need a solution for that problem.. i think this is due to cpu power socket problem.. but i cannot ensure, bcoz i'm not an expert.. that's why i am asking to you...
  9. What is your video card or are you using onboard video out?
    Onboard video out uses part of the ram so if you have specified 512mb for the vram then your ram is reduced by that amount.

    You can watch a movie but only from a previous restart or a clod boot. Basically, you might have over-cooked your ram.

    The 450 watt PSU is adequate for use with onboard video out but if you are using a video card, then the PSU might not be adequate, depending on the model however most mid range video cards would work reasonable with your PSU even though it's not exactly a top end brand.

    What is your video card or are you using onboard video out?

    You'd need to remove all your cabling from the devices like hdd, cd/dvd drive, and only have the ram and the power connectors. From here, you might get a psu working and still if not, try removing one stick of ram otherwise, the PSU is bad or a ram module is fried. Don't forget to turn off the power point prior to removing any hardware.

    What about dust? How much dust is inside? The PSU could be clogged, the cpu fan could be choked, the heatsink could be drowning in dust muck.

    PS - 2gb ram, is that one stick of 2gb or two sticks of 1o24mb?
  10. i'm using onboard video.. and only 256 mb for the vram, i had removed all the cabling component from MB, and syill not get psu working, i am also removed the ram stick ( there is only one stick of ram) still not get..................

    there is huge amount of dust on motherboard.... But the PSU and CPU(with same heat sink) works finely with other Motherboard..
  11. Any amount of dust on the motherboard can result in the diodes, chips, and other components not being able to get air flow, causing heat build up, any humidity might actually short out those things. Turn off the the PC at power, then use a soft brush to remove the dust or some sort of blower but not a leaf blower. Also a blower is not really the best way even though many others recommend it, because it just blows the dust away from one spot to another. A blower is only good if you remove the motherboard from the case. I use a hand-held balloon type blower, I have to squeeze the balloon for the nozzle to exhaust air. It hurts my hand after a while but at least I"m not blowing the dust into other areas.

    It's also that time of year (oh no!) to get the vacuum cleaner out of the closet (it's behind all those cobwebs, behind the mop and the broom), and do a Spring clean even if it isn't Spring. Make sure tha area where your PC sits is free from dust.

    256mb onboard vram is really , really not a good thing, more suited to XP OS. You need at least 512mb onboard vram to be able to play most PC games. My video card is only 512mb and plays all those games suited to Vista very well but my Windows 7 x32 has a 1 gb video card and my windows 7 x64 PC has a 2gb video card.

    The FPS with 256mb onboard vram would barely manage 26 fps, even spider solitaire woul dstruggle to deal out the cards.

    Edit, it's probably the motherboard that has carked it, it's covered in dust, choking and suffocating, gasping for air and the dust has cause overheating of it.
  12. If i clean all the dust from the motherboard , is that make MB working? Or i need a chip level service outlet for that? My friend saying, it is cpu power socket problem // what about that?
  13. After clearing out the dust, it might fix the issue but if there is any damage already then it might not.
    There just doesn't seem to be much else to consider.

    If at any time your have yanked the power cord from the PSU while the outlet was still on then you might have not got it out and part of the cord was still in the socket, doing so might cause a power spike and have dameaed the PSU socket. Perhaps acquire a different PSU and see if the PC boots up. Also, try a different PSU cable if possible. Some of them are very thin and others are very thick. I find the thick ones more reliable with the PSU and use the thin ones with the monitor.
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