GPU overheating without overheating.

Hello I currently have an Nvidia Geforce 8800GT. as of late the card has started to crash whenever I boot up a game, causing my screen to get filled with static of all sorts of colors (primarily purple) and some artifacts. when this first happened I thought my GPU was shot. however when I rebooted my computer everything seemed fine. However after turning a game back on (in this case Warframe) the game crashed within 5 minutes of running the game. worried that my GPU was overheating I opened er up and found a little dust, nothing much but I cleaned it just the same. I also downloaded MSI afterburner and was happy to see after dusting out the card that it was idling at around 44-50'C not the lowest ever but certainly not high enough to panic over. however once again upon booting up any game my computer had the same crash, according to MSI my GPU never went over 54'C before crashing. I dont know what exactly is causing this so I turn to you guys hoping for an answer. Oh before someone suggests I have checked 3 times that I do indeed have the latest drivers for my card (314.22 64 bit.)
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  1. Generally artifacts are caused by a memory issue. I would consider replacing the graphics card.
  2. that's my guess too. memory going bad or is bad. use a program to under clock the video cards memory 100Mz and see what happens. but do consider replacing card.
  3. Artifacts have something to do with overclocking and/or heat. If you are running at stock speeds, then it seems like your card is on its last legs.
  4. Well I have replaced the GPU with a new one and installed new drivers. however now whenever I start up a game my computer freezes for a moment then unfreezes, but the monitor doesn't work, as if the computer stopped sending a signal to it. I was in a skype call when it happened and I could still hear and be hear by my friend after the mini freeze, but nothing else but a restart brought an image back to my monitor. doesn't seem to happen any other time, just when I attempt to run a game.
  5. What video card do you have now?
    What kind of power supply do you have?
  6. 17seconds said:
    What video card do you have now?
    What kind of power supply do you have?

    My computer monitor is now shuting off at boot and sometimes my computer wont even beep to recoginze my monitor. Im using a 9800gt we had fresh out of the box and my power supply is a 560w thermaltake X.
  7. Okay, I'm going to go with PSU or motherboard. Did you use a lot of force to install the video card? Do have the proper power cables connected? The best option is to take out the card and PSU cables and reinstall them firmly, but gently, including the one going to your motherboard.
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