IDE to SATA converter for laptops? Definite proof?

Greetings Tom's,

I've searched the forums and get mixed reviews on whether there is an IDE to SATA converter for laptops. I know the laptop already is squeezed for space, but then I guess it depends on the laptop you have.

I'm trying to convert it using a Dell Inspiron 2200. Does anyone out there have experience in converting IDE to SATA in laptops, and maybe any luck with the 2200?

I'm not afraid of taking my laptop apart (did that with another laptop, see me other posts) so if anyone has any expertise out there, please let me know.

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  1. Are you trying to convert a sata drive to fit an ide port or the other way around?
  2. popatim,

    Yes that's it. Currently the laptop only accepts IDE drives (which I have right now), but I was wondering if there's a way to take a SATA drive and fit it in an IDE port on a laptop. I saw another post on here where they say it's possible even though it's a tight fit. Would you like me to link you?

  3. Well the adapter can be found in a slim form but the hard part would be making sure it and the drive would fit. You'd be much better off buying an IDE SSD I think.

    Actually the 2200 is old enough where I would really suggest to invest your money into a savings account and buy something newer. Even a $400 laptop will run circles around the dell.
  4. Where would you find the slim form at?

    But I realized that this wont work for you because laptops dont have standard ide ports, they use a mini-ide that also has power coming thru it so you would need yet another adapter and now you are out of room.

    This is the only adapter I found that does sata drive to mini-ide.
    I wouldn't think you would have that much room in your laptop.

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