HD 7790 comaptibility

would i be able to upgrade the HD 7790 OC into the lenovo H430 (57311432) Desktop PC Intel Core i5 3330(3.00GHz) 8GB DDR3 1TB HDD Capacity Intel HD Graphics 2500 Windows 8 ?
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  1. The only thing stopping you is the power supply. That PC includes a 280W unit that probably would not be strong enough to power the 7790 comfortably. I would suggest upgrading to at least a 400W unit with the proper 6 pin connector.

    Something like this would work:


    There is plenty of room in the case.
  2. The system itself should have no problem with it, but you need to make sure you don't have a slimline case - if you do, you'll need to buy a low-profile card.

    (Also, what power supply do you have? You might have to upgrade that to put in anything other than a 7750.)
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