Difference between G.Skill Sniper Low Voltage 2x4GB and 4x4GB?

I'm building a new PC (yaaaaay) and i wanted to ask if anyone knows the difference between these kits.


I mean, they are both CL9, PC12800, 1600MHz and both of them use 4GB sticks. They are basically the same, but the kit with 8GB operates at 1.25V while the 16GB kit operates at 1.35V.

Is there anything i'm missing that would make them use a higher voltage, even if they are pretty much the same sticks?

Forget it, this gave me the answer:

If someone knows, i would still like an answer for the other question:

This has to be one of the most frecuent questions, but i couldn't find the answer. If i buy a 2x4GB kit, can i later upgrade it by buying the exact same kit for a total of 16GB?
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    Yes you can always get more ram to add to what you have as long as you get the same speed, voltage, timings and cas latency. It's also best if you don't wait too long so that you can get as close as you can to the same memory chips.
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