High Ping, Constant Router Drops HELP

Until recently my internet connection has been excellent, able to hold 8 people in a game at once. but now I have a constant 300+ ping and the router keeps disconnecting. I'm using a wired connection which directly connects to my Netgear N750 WNDR4000 router but it constantly disconnects and I have to reboot the router only to have it continue giving me a high ping. Can somebody help me pin point the problem and help me fix it?
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  1. Have you tried resetting your modem?
  2. I think it the router. can you connect your computer directly to the modem to test for a few hours/days?
  3. Yeah ive resetted my modem and it doesnt help. but i havent tried connecting directly to the modem. because i have several people using the internet .
  4. anonymous1 is right. The best way to determine if it is a router problem is going to be plugging directly into the modem.

    Do the other people connected to the router have the same issues if they try to game online?
  5. Yeah everyone else does. and i tried directly connecting to my modem. I removed the cable that connects it into my router and replaced it with the cable thats currently connected to my computer. but when i did that I got 0 internet connection. I may have done something wrong?
  6. You many times have to reboot the modem when you change devices. It will mac lock to the first device you plug into.
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