Files dissapeared when I moved them into a Games folder I created in program files(x86)

I have windows 7 and created a Games folder in the \Program Files(x86) folder. I then moved each game folder (i.e. Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, THQ, and so on...) into the Games folder and they all disappeared! I tried showing all hidden files but that didn't bring them back. Where did they go and why can't I see them? And more importantly how do I get them back?
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  1. reinstall
  2. Have you tried doing a file search to determine where they ended up hiding? Check a friends installation for some filenames that are "hiding" and do a search.

    Why not leave the games where they were and just fill your new folder with launch shortcuts.
  3. As rgd1101 suggested a reinstall is your best bet. Moving the games folders won't help as the game installs have registry entries. Since you have already created a Program Files (x86) on another drive you can choose to install them there when you reinstall them.
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