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Hi folks. Do all AM3+ CPU fit into all AM3+ Mobos?

I was given a free Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 which is an AM3+ mobo, but when I check the compatible cpu chart I see the strongest CPU that works is the 8100. I am not sure the FX-8350 was out when this board came out, so do you think this chip and board are compatible?

Figure it may be a worthy upgrade from an I5-2500K.

Any suggestions? thanks much!
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    It is an 95watt MB. The 8350 is an energy hungry 125watt (trust me, it eats more than that). It might boot up and work with the CPU, but I couldn't recommend you doing it. Also, I believe the FX-8100 is an OEM 95watt bulldozer.

    I wouldn't do it.
  2. The FX 8150 (not FX 8100, unless it is another one of those canceled chips ie; FX-4110) also had a 125W TDP. The FX-8350 would be a good upgrade from your I5-2500k, if you were using it for more than gaming. I.E; C++ compiling, video editing or just heavy multi tasking in general like running a game in windowed mode while browsing the web and writing code or map editing. Generally the i5-2500K and FX-8350 have the same gaming performance, therefore it would not be an upgrade in that sense.

    Personally if you were going to throw a chip in there, already having a i5-2500k, I would go for the $130 FX-6300, it would be good to have for a multi-tasking/coding computer and AMD makes Overclocking a lot more fun than just bumping up the Vcore and multi.
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