need help for choosing eyefinity monitor!

i want to build a eyefinity monitor setup.

my current rig:
i7 3820, RAMPAGE IV extreme X79, 16 GB 2133 GSkill, 240GB Corsair SSD, 1TB WD HDD. I had one AMD Sapphire vapor-x 7970 3gb . But i bought extra two them (discount sale was going on my neighborhood store, So i bought two of them)

now i want to build a eyefinity setup because 3 7970 graphics cards is a massive overkill for a single monitor. But i cant find any good monitors for eyefinity because i dont like the big fat black bezels. please guys suggest me any good monitors with small bezels.
budget- 3000$-3500$ (for three monitors)
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    Are you sure you want to spend 3000$ on monitor???
    If yes then I have two options for you!
    1st option buy SAMSUNG MD230X3 eyefinity monitor setup! The best for eyefinity. 5760*1080 x3

    2nd option: if you really want some big boys then LG 29EA93-P ultra wide
    29” x 3 (make sure you have the space to fit them before buying )

    and if you need any kind of help-

    Best of luck!
  2. I will buy the LG 29".there is no bezel ! But only two left in stock. bad luck :(

    anyways thanks for the help.
  3. wait one 1-2 week for restock
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