HD7800 with 3 monitors

Hey, so I have a pretty simple question;
I have a Radeon HD7800 Graphics card, which has 4 slots, a VGA, HDMI, and 2 mini dvi ports
When i tried connecting 3 monitors using hdmi cable, dvi-dvi cable and a mini-dvi to hdmi adapter+hdmi cable. I was not able use all three displays
I was forced to disconnect one to add on my newest addition
Would this be a problem with my monitors, or my cabling ??

Any help would be appreciated, even pointing me in the right direction
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  1. 2 mini DVI? Do you mean DP? AMD cards require an active DP for the 3rd monitor. If your monitors don't have a DP port, I would recommend purchasing an active DP to DVI adapter.
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