Corsair H-series and HAF-932

Hi there!

I'm parting with my long-beloved Corsair H50 tomorrow as I've found someone who's willing to buy it, and I'll be using the stock cooler for a few weeks until I've decided the CPU cooler I'm getting.

Right now I'm hedging between the H60, H80i and H100i.

I'm more inclined towards the H60 and H100i however, as the H80i is much thicker and cannot be mounted (with the existing large top fan installed) without having to move the DVD bay two bays down :/ However if the purchase of the H80i is strongly justified, I'll get it.

I'm thinking of getting the H60 because of its slimmer profile (being similar to the H50) so I wouldn't have to modify much of my setup, but the H100i looks pretty too. I suppose if I were to get that I would replace my large top-mounted fan on my HAF - I'm just concerned that in doing this I may disrupt the airflow in the case by creating pressure within the case.

Can someone kindly nudge me in the right direction? All input is appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

P.S: I'm looking at a closed-loop, low-maintenance solution; if you strongly suggest air I won't mind addressing them too. However it is worthy to note that I would be using this rig for another year before I leave for University ://
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  1. You can definitely mount the H80i or H100i rad on the side panel.
  2. Thanks, I'm thinking of mounting it on the top panel, however. Do you think replacing the top fan with the radiator would significantly impact the airflow in the case?
  3. I am personally using an H60 right now. I would have liked an H80i better because it has a lager Rad. I would stick with either an H80i or H100i.

    If you have the room to mount an H100i then mount it in push pull with your existing fans. You should have no problem with air flow in your case.
  4. Probably wouldn't hurt airflow that much.

    Looks like it'll fit nicely, too.
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