Triple Display Setup for Laptop with VGA and HDMI ports

I have an HP dv6-6c47cl i7 8GB RAM Windows 8 laptop. I would like to connect two monitors to this simultaneously so I can triple screen including my laptop display.

Due to the small gap in between the two ports, I've cut the edge of my VGA connector for both to fit in.

Windows shows that there are currently 3 monitors available, but when I selected the option to extend on the third display, it disconnects the other.

At this point I can only manage to dual screen:

laptop display + hdmi display
laptop display + vga display
vga display + hdmi display

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. The small gap in between the two ports is by design, because you can only use one port at a time.
  2. noidea_77 said:
    The small gap in between the two ports is by design, because you can only use one port at a time.

    That is absolutely *not true* As if you had read his full situation (as well as the one I'm typing this on with the same configuration) it does indeed work with both monitor ports functioning. The physical spacing between the ports is just inconsiderate design, not "by design", if that were the case, he nor I could use both ports simultaneously.

    I have the exact same situation, all three show up in Display Properties, with one always greyed out; allowing me to choose any two of the three; i opt for two 24" LCDs on the HDMI and VGA ports; but I too would love to use the internal monitor as a third. This is either a driver limitation or a physical limitation of the chipset which cannot address three monitors; however, I HAVE been able to get imagery on all three in the past being MIRRORED, but not seperately - so while there is physical connectivity, there may not be support for the OS to send separate signals to them.
  3. On my laptop I have the VGA port far from the HDMI and I can easily plugin both.

    The problem is not in the ports. It is the hardware. The display card has to support 3 monitors in order for your machine to allow that. Otherwise, you can get only two monitors. Not sure if there is a software that can emulate three monitors on a 2 monitor display card.
  4. noidea_77 said - the Third monitor will always be greyed out and by changing the setting you can have all three monitors set as Extended. I have set up multiple workstations at my office with this setup but the only hangup is that the initial setup(Getting the GREY monitor o turn on) can be a challenge.
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