PC often 'Shudders' and completely crashes

Hey guys, My home built computer often Shudders/slows down, be it during playing music, watching a video on the likes of Youtube or even talking to people on skype or raidcall.

Its really hard to explain what exactly happens, its sort of sounds like a record skipping. It will only last for about 4-5 seconds but happens at random times and its really annoying, I have tried so many things in order to fix the problem and i have had so many opinions and solutions that just didn't work.

I think this is worth mentioning, i am running two drives, my C drive is a SSD and my other drive, E, is a HDD every once and a while i can hear a scratching sound coming from it but have yet to connect the two together.

My computer spec is down below, and i am happy to give any more information if needed.

Thankyou, Sqoh.
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  1. Have you tried a RAM reseat or even a swap? 4gb / 8gb / 12 gb etc....
    Next bet would be a GPU check....sounds like some kind of buffering issues with your Memory. Try onboard graphics and see if the problem persists
  2. Looks like your power supply is a piece of crap. Do you know anyone with a decent one that you can test your components with?

    Either that or it could also be a memory problem. I'd try testing each stick individually and see if the issues continue. But certainly try and replace that power supply as soon as possible, bad units can do irreparable damage to a system. Go for something from Seasonic/Corsair/XFX and you'll be fine. You only need 500W or so from a trusted brand like the ones listed.

  3. Thanks for the replys, RAM swap you mean change the the sockets about, right? and try one in at a time?
    How would one conduct a GPU check? just by using my onboard one and see if the the problem is still there, and if not do i have to change my Graphics card?

    Yeah i might look around for a new PSU then, damn the one i have now was recommended to me by someone that's why i bought it.

    Thanks, Sqoh.
  4. Yes, just remove all but one stick (I assume you have 4x4, though perhaps it's 2x8) and test it for awhile. If the problem doesn't occur, great, you can be fairly certain that stick and the socket it was in is fine! If it does occur, try it in another socket (sometimes the sockets rather than the modules themselves can be faulty). If it doesn't work in any of the sockets, it's likely a faulty module, or something unrelated to the RAM (probably the power supply). Repeat this process with each module of RAM. Often it's very hard to be 100% certain what exactly the problem is though, without another system to check stuff in (since the only way to be 100% certain is to eliminate all other possible factors, which there are quite a few of in something as complex as a computer).

    Yeah the thing about PSUs is unlike CPUs (which are 99% provided by AMD/Intel) or GPUs or even motherboards (where there are maybe 5-6 brands who have 99.9% of the market share), PSUs can be built by anyone, and there are 100s of generic brands out there who produce crappy units, and although the are certificates and specifications they should meet and pass, they often don't because it adds cost. The PSU is also similar to the heart of the computer as every other component relies upon it working well enough to supply good, consistent power. That's why it's always recommended to stay with the top PSU brands. There's a reason that 750W unit was cheaper than the ones from Corsair/Seasonic (and it isn't cause OCUK are just nice people).

  5. Wow thank you very much, Ill get on to the RAM tests this evening and ill keep you informed, ill try one at a time is each socket to try and narrow the problem down. I'll keep you informed while i do it. Also, i will look for a better PSU, I mean even if its no the direct problem its better for me in the long run to invest in a good one, You have been very helpful, Thanks again.


    I will keep you updated.
  6. Hi again. Well i took the advice and went out and bought a Corsair CX600M after doing a PSU finder on Corsairs website and got rid of my old eXtreme PSU. Hopefully that will sort out the problem I'm having, I haven't tested the RAM yet, but if the problem continues with my new PSU I will do so. Thanks again, and ill keep you updated.

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