Help: 1600 MHz memory computer reads as ddr3- 1333 only

Hello guys have some issues here. I bought. 4 8 gb ddr3 1600mhz (pc3 12800) corsair vengeance timing 9-9-9-24. The four are all the same except for the other are low profile the other 2 are those thorny heat spreaders.

I installed 4 and gives me 32gb on my system. But when I check on my bios. The memory shows 8049 Mb (DDR3- 1333). It doesn't show 1600 MHz. Is their something wrong on my installation? Please help, what should I do?
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  1. You might need to set your ram in bios to 1600.
  2. Any options in the BIOS to set it 1600? Set a XMP Profile.
  3. I am using the asrock z77 extreme6/tb4. Okay I will try to find that xmp.
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    Advertised DDR3-1600 is usually DDR3-133 RAM with a 1600 XMP profile. The XMP profile normally boosts the voltage to hande the greater speed so be aware of this. Two choices

    1. Go into the BIOS and select "XMP Profile" (read MoBo Manual)
    2. Manually set the RAM speed, voltage and CAS timings manually

    I find Option 2 less problematic.
  5. You can try XMP profile, but technically they are not the same, as not all 1600MHz have the same latency and voltage.

    Can you please post the memory models, so we can make sure latencies and voltages are all the same. Thanks!
  6. The model is corsair vengeance 8 Gb ddr3 1600mhz (pc3 12800) latency 9.
  7. Thanks so much guys, I found it. But I did not set the voltage manually. Just the speed right?
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