Power supply requirements for gtx 670 sli


I'm building my first gaming pc and im gonna upgrade to gtx 670 sli later on . What power supply should i buy?

I7 3770k (going to overclock abit later on)

Asus sabertooth z77

H80 watercooling

8gb 1600 mhz ram

Samsung 840 250 gb ssd

evga gtx 670 FTW Signature 2
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  1. Thank you very much for the answer. For stuff like photoshop or video editing, will there be a huge diffrence on the i7 3770k or the i5 3570k?
  2. For your Rig , A Corsair TX850V2 or similar PSU will be required. Tell me Each and every part of your Rig , So I can suggest the Best PSU.
    Or tell me your Budget so I can suggest you one.
  3. my budget is around 1.700 usd i'm not sure if i want a i5 3570k or a i7 3770k
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    Great build.....

    You can get away with a 750 watter (550 for system + 170 for 2nd card)

    I'd avoid the H80 .... sound slike ya live next to an airport. The Phanteks has 5 year warranty and matches the H80s performance. If I'm going to deal with the risk of water inside my PC, I need a positive tradeoff 0f 7-10C and the H80 doesn't give you anything over the better air coolers, and certainly not worth the noise.,14.html

    But if overclocking the GPUs and CPU, I'd go with an 850 watter with 10.0 jonnyguru performance rating such as HX850

    Great combo here:
    $140 + 190 MSRP = $350 MSRP down to $270 after discounts and MIR

    Sabertooth is a great Board

    The EVGA Signature 2 has only a 5 phase VRM which is a bit chinsy. The Asus DCII has 8 as does the MSI PE; the Gigabyte Windforce has 6. If you are overclocking, I'd want at least 8 phases as the VRM is what channels the voltage to the card. I'd get one of these:

    1. Asus Asus GTX670-DC2OG-2GD5 (I have had consistent 25% OC's with this model)

    2. MSI N670 PE 2GD5/OC (good factory OC)
  5. Rune had the best choice for Power supply. As far as your build goes the I5 3570k and I7 3770K are fine CPU's I actually have towers in my home running both of those. For gaming though save the extra money and go with the 3570K. My I7 is completely underused and really wasn't worth the extra money for what I do most of the time. But it is extremely fast. Now as far as the SSD goes I wouldn't go with that samsung 840 they are nice and inexpensive but the Read is really high on them but the write is very very low. I ended up swapping mine out for some Corsair's in my rigs and really noticed the difference. Good choices on the build spec's though if you have the extra cash to take the memory up to 16GB it's still fairly cheap to do so now.
  6. nVidia itself recommend 500W for a single 670.

    For testing conducted for SLI 670, the resulting system consumption for SLI is 433W of which 293W are attributed to the gpu cards.

    I'd recommend
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