Sabertooth 990FX still has issues with AMD FX-8350?

We all know that Asus sabertooth 990FX had issues with FX8350. It required an update to the latest BIOS version. But that happened in 2011-2012. I want to know if I buy a Sabertooth 990FX NOW, 2013, will it be coming with the updated BIOS or not?
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    If the board is manufactured after October 2012, then yes, the BIOS would support the 8350. However, supposing that the BIOS version is older than 1604, then you can order a BIOS chip flashed with the latest BIOS and replace the board's one (it's on socket).
  2. So, you are saying that if the mobo had been manufactured after OCT 2012, it'll have the updated BIOS and it would support FX 8350, right?. Actually, I'm going to buy it in a couple of weeks from an online store here in India Link : So I can't find if it has been manufactured after oct '12 or not. Maybe I should ask the store's customer care service?. Anyways, Thank you dude for your answer :)
  3. Yes.
    Ask them about the board's serial. The first two letters/digits should be CB, CC or D1, D2, D3 (manufactured in 2012 Nov, 2012 Dec, 2013 Jan, 2013 Feb or 2013 Mar).
    Or there's a barcode sticker on the motherboard. The last 4 digits on that sticker stand for the BIOS version.
  4. Thank you alexoiu for your kind and easy reply! Can you tell me what do CB, CC or D1, D2, D3 mean? And once again, Thanks! :)
  5. C or D - first letter of the board's serial number - stands for the year when the board was manufactured.
    C - 2012
    D - 2013
    1,2,3,....C - second character of the serial - stands for the month.
  6. Thank you! :)
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