Windows found a problem with software: asks me to launch startup repair or start windows normally

I haven't installed anything for months.

When I click the launch startup repair it goes to a screen saying loading files then takes ages to load to a grey screen where I can move my mouse but nothing else. I've tried F2, F10 and F11 and nothing responds.

If I select the start windows normally option it goes to the windows 7 screen with the moving flag and doesn't change.

I clicked F2 as soon as the computer started and I ran a memory diagnostics text and nothing was detected and it now won't let me go back to that option and only shows the first two options.

Computer is an acer and is new last September :(
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  1. I get that now and then also for no reason, I just shut off and reboot and it disappears.
  2. You have possibly contracted a virus.
    Try to boot into safe mode by repeatedly pressing F8.
    From there, you should be able to invoke system restore to get you back to a day when all was well.
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