GTX 670 vs Radeon 7970

I'm going to build my own gaming computer and I want a graphics card that will run games in 1080p on a single monitor setup with at least 60fps. I will play games like Battlefield 3, CoD, C&C, etc. I've come across the GTX 670 MSI Power Edition, recommended by another user of Tom's Hardware. I have picked it out over the EVGA 670 FTW because it has better cooling. I've also come across the Gigabyte 7970 Windforce OC. Which would be better for my uses and would be best for SLI/Crossfire later and more future proof?

Thanks in advance
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  2. JackNaylorPE said:
    Would this be a good card? I'm pretty sure it's just the 4GB version of the ASUS card you sent me, and it's for the same $429 price.
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