Compact Flash Card vs. USB 3.0 Drive (Linux Boot)

H I need to know which has a faster transfer rate, a USB 3.0 flash drive or a compact flash card (NOT SD CARD) in an internal card reader.

I'm looking for a medium to boot linux from on my windows 7 PC. I'd rather not partition my already small boot SSD. Also can you even boot linux from a CF card? I know you can from an SD card but they have slow transfer speeds.

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    It depends! It's basically all the same flash memory technology, so it depends on the controller(s). There are very slow usb 3.0 sticks and compact flash cards, but there are also fast ones. Because a linux kernel is small, it shouldn't really matter. The transfer rate shouldn't be an issue on both. If you can boot from it, depends on you mobo.
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