Windows Motherbaord AMD Radeon HD 6950

Hey, I'm so close to finishing my build and I've been using my radeon on another computer. But for some reason on the new motherboard and processor it wont run. I had to reset the OS entirely from scratch. I've installed the drivers but nothing has appeared on the screen apart from the windows logo. After it just goes black. But when I run the GPU with the screen is on but shows nothing. I dont get this. Any ideas guys
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  1. Intel 3770k Processor
    Asus Maximus V Formula Motherboard
    8GB RAM
    550W PSU
    1TB HDD

    its all old except the motherboard and Processor. It will show me the windows load screen, but after just blank out
  2. It has worked though in my old build
  3. It managed to start working. Dont know how though
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