PC Gaming Mouse? Wired or Wireless?

I have recently swapped from console to pc, i started using a controller but people are saying that i should use a K/M Setup to improve my performance.

I got the phantom lapboard as i sit back in a beanbag with a surround sound setup and a big tv, and i dont really want to substitute for a desk setup?

Im loving the lapboard at the moment, it is really good, but the mouse is pretty poor like others have said. Also it is pretty bad for typing but all i use it for is gaming and it is perfect for that.

Like i said i am new to PC gaming so i dont know much, i wanted to get another mouse to replace the one with the lapboard.

I don't mind having a wired or wireless but a wireless would be better as im not a big fan of wires, even though people say there may be input lag it will be too minimal for me to care.

What options have i got?
I dont want to spend to much just for a mouse, i just want a comfortable mouse that will work well for my needs.

- Callum
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  1. If you really want to use a controller - do so!

    It's entirely up to you, and while you WILL get considerably more control with a keyboard / mouse setup and another considerable increase by using a wired setup.

    That being said, if you want to play on a big screen, and you're just doing it for fun, ignore the people trying to change your style. That being said I'd recommend trying out a wired keyboard and mouse - perhaps a friend's?
  2. Be wary of smaller travel/notebook mice, many wireless models will go to sleep after a rather short period of inactivity to save power. If you're couch surfing and don't have many years of using a mouse to bias you, you might be better off trying a trackball instead.
  3. Can i just ask why people think Keyboard/Mice is better?

    Isn't it just what you are used to, or what you played first with?
  4. Anonymous said:
    Can i just ask why people think Keyboard/Mice is better?
    Isn't it just what you are used to, or what you played first with?

    It's because it's far, far more accurate AND quicker. When you're trying to make precise movements, doing so with a mouse is easier, because you have no resistance against the movement and it's easier to make miniscule adjustments, and when you're trying to turn quickly, you can move your entire hand much faster than jamming the joystick to one side and waiting for a second.

    It's not just personal opinion; I actually have three gamepads, which I use for split-screen gaming and games like racers, flight sims, ect... but when I'm playing something competitive I want my mouse, and for an MMO or strategy game, a gamepad simply doesn't have nearly enough buttons when compared to a keyboard.

    (There's a reason nobody has done a multi-platform shooter; it was attempted on the 360 once, and the beta was shut down, because in EVERY game, regardless of skill, the PC gamers would slaughter the xbox gamers, not because they had more powerful hardware [the 360 was decently ahead of the curve in it's time], but because of the advantage the mouse gives in a game like that.)
  5. Thanks for your input and i can see where you are coming from.
    The way i see it though is that if you are a very good controller user, playing against the average PC you will be on top.
    But im starting to get used to Keyboard/Mouse which is why i want to step it up. You seem like you know your stuff,

    What should i look for in a mouse?
    Like i said Wired Mouses are not out of the question, so have you got any wired mouse recommendations that you use?

    Thanks for all you help
    - Callum
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    Generally a wired mouse is better due to less input lag. However, I have played games using a wireless mouse, specifically the Logitech Performance MX mouse. It is not a rated as a gaming mouse, it is more like a general use mouse, but I have had no problems playing games with it. At least until I accidentally dropped it. It still worked fine, but I did have a hiccup or two afterwards. I decided to go back to a wired mouse so that I don't accidental drop it and it hits the floor. I bought the Logitech G500 it is a good gaming mouse and the shape is somewhat close to that of the Performance MX. The mouse has weights so you can adjust how heavy the mouse is to give you better feel and control. There are also buttons you can bind to the keyboard using Logitech's software and you can also change the DPI of the mouse for better control; like using lower DPI when using a rifle's scope.

    After a while, the Performance MX mouse seems to have returned to normal (no rare instances of hiccups anymore). Therefore, I sometimes use that mouse to play games rather than the G500, it simply feels better in my hand. I bought a spare Performance MX mouse when I saw it on sale for $50. But mostly I use that mouse with my laptop nowadays.
  7. Thanks for everyones help,

    Just one more question.
    As i see alot of mouses habe bindable buttons, what are the common uses for these extra buttons?

  8. I have mine setup for different things depending on the game - for example, for mmos, I have them be the '9' and '0' keys, as those are the hardest to reach accurately. For shooters, I usually bind them to the lean buttons so I can use 'e' for melee.
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