Athlon 750K (a budget gaming rig for my bro)

has annyone this CPU ? i know its like a a10 5700 , with no gpu but unlocked

the motherboard he wants is
GIGABYTE GA-F2A85X-UP4 (for overclocking etc. ) - 155 $

Athlon II 750k - 105 $

G.Skill Ares (2x4GB) 2133mhz - 120$ (1866/1600 mhz are just 10$ cheper)

XFX 7770 DD - 172$

well my question actualy is how good a overclocker this CPU is ? how much can it handle wiht a good cooler ( like the scythe mugen 3 etc. )

or is it better to go with the a10 5800k and a 6670 ddr5 ofc. ? (i had it before i got to 4.6ghz stabile overclock on my asrock pro4 board and scythe mugen 3)

550$ would be the maximum for this parts (gpu, ram, cpu, mobo)

he wants gaming on full hd with mid/high mixed settings multimedia/office/work

(these are Croatian prices, so newegg or other things dont really apply here i would really want some toughts about this CPU and OC potential )
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    first off the 7770 beats the dual graphics with the apus, and since he'd be using a 7770 get a am3+ board and compatible quad core or above but if am3+ is much more then just get that athlon fm2 and overclock. Id say that the athlon 750k is a great overclocker, the A10s can get pretty far and theres no igpu and its unlocked, as u said its basically a A10 without the igpu so results that u previously had with a 5800k would be similar or better with the 750k
  2. You might also ask your question here: I would also post your favorite games before ordering a gpu.
  3. yeah i know it beats the dual graphics mode, but with that budget he has the 4300 fx is the same price as the a10 5800k, and also just 10 bucks cheeper then the 6300 fx (a good mobo for overclocking would be the same price as this) , it would be a bit to much for him to spend 80-100 bucks more for a little bit more power (yeah 6300 is way better then a 750k but i hope you know what i mean :)

    and yeah what PSU would you recomend for that combo ? (750k+7770 etc. OC'd)
  4. corsair cx 430 or 500 is usually a goes for a cheap price in the US but not sure for u
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