how your graphics card can get you free money

this isnt really a question, but i wanted to share a program i found. it is called rublik. it uses your graphics for their network and pays you for it. if you have a nice AMD Radeon card you can make around $60 a month. and you dont have to do anything besides run the program and have your comp on.
here is the link:
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  1. Interesting.

    Has a 100% trust rating... Hmm the screwg (no idea how to spell that) in me will be keeping a close eye on this...

    Anypony know more?
  2. $60 a months is probably what it will cost in electricity, then you have to factor in the cost of the PC and parts service.
  3. It makes less than doing the actual mining yourself. Just get guiminer and mine bitcoins yourself. According to their chart it makes half as much as if you were doing it yourself.
  4. you guys are all complaining about free money. i am sorry for telling you guys about free money. i wont do it again i promise.

    and to comment on the comments,
    it will not cost $60 in electricity
    its not a virus
    they use your graphics, thus it is not totally 'free'
    and as for the do it yourself comment, im sure you would have to actually DO something for the money. with this you have to do nothing.. play games and check emails and you have more money.
  5. Let me explain what is happening. They are mining bitcoins with your gpu. You can do this yourself with guiminer. It's free and simple. Just click start. You exchange bitcoins which is a form of currency to usd or whatever currency you want. There is no difference in how you are "getting" money. You are simply using a different mining software in a different pool.

    They do simplify the exchange process by including it within their app but their exchange rate is ripping you off 50%. Bitcoin mining has gotten a lot of exposure for the last couple of months. Yes it is free money but you need a decent gpu. For us gamers we already have a decent gpu so is a viable option to make a little cash.
  6. i will check out guimmer. and yes you need a decent card. mine is crap, but i plan to get a radeon 7970. and i could definetly get the cost back with this program. im gonna go check out guimmer thank you for that info.
  7. Oh I forgot to say you need to sign up to whichever pool you choose before you can start mining for them.
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