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I was going to go with the thermal compound that came with my 212 evo but I don't think it is really good, should I go with Noctua nt-h1 or stick with the free option, are there any test results of the 2?
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  1. I have the stock paste that came with my 212 +, my cpu idles around 15-20C and my gpu 20-30C. So I think it works well. I have never seen my cpu go over 35C ever, at 4.2 on my i7 2600
  2. The Noctua will give better temperatures so go for the Noctua.
  3. If your not planning on overclocking will the stock be fine? also is the dot method the way to go with the newer base of this fan?
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    If you're not overclock then stock will be fine. But I'd go with the Noctua just to have that better cooling performance which will end up extending your CPU's lifetime. And I usually go with the dot method and it's been working with me so far !
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