Recommend a good psu for this build

Well, i have no idea what psu to get for this build
Intel i7 3770k
Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H Motherboard
HD 7850 gpu
Corsair 120GB GTX ssd
1TB HDD (havent selected yet)
Corsair Vengeance 8GB Dual Channel DDR3
No optical drive
Plan to OC pc and gpu
Try to recommend something cheap, trying to keep a budget
And other recommendations to the build are also welcome, ty
I forgot to mention that this build is For rendering and Photoshop etc
Gaming is the second thing i had on mind while coming up with this. Do you still think an i5 would be better?
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  1. Where are you purchasing from? Also, if this build is for gaming only, the 3370k is over kill. It would be better to drop down to a 3750k and pickup a HD 7950
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    What will you be using this build for? Remember that an i7 is overkill for gaming, and the performance increase from a i5-3570K isn't worth the price if that's your most intensive use case.

    If you don't plan on changing the GPU, a 500-600W PSU is perfectly adequate. 700W-800W is recommended if you do plan on a top tier card. Go for Corsair, OCZ, SeaSonic or Thermaltake.

    HDD: Go for a Seagate Barracuda. Cheapest on the market and reputable brand.
    Seconding the 3770K -> 3570K and 7850 -> 7950. Much more bang for your buck with that configuration. (Though remember to get one with a non-reference cooler like a MSI Twin Frozr or Gigabyte Windforce if you plan on overclocking Radeon cards in general. Their reference blowers are noisy and don't cool very well.)
  3. 7870 LE/myst/xt for gpu, samsung 840 pro, corsair, antec, seasonic PSU. theres a 750W cosair for like 60 bucks on newegg I think, its 30 off. Might consider 3570k if you need to be in budget. cooler master Hyper evo cpu cooler for 30.

    hyper evo
    8gb corsair 1600
    Asrock extreme4 z77
    128gb samsung 840 Pro
    Corsair PSU

    roughly 890 on partpicker
  4. As for the PSU i'd go for Corsair CX600M :

    or if you don't have microcenter around :

    you can run 7850 with 430w so if you decided to CFX in the future this will suffice you

    AS for build suggestions : I completely agree with the i5-3570k idea and a higher end GPU , that's the best and most beneficial choice .

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