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Hello. I am typing this on a different computer because my main computer is absolutely unsuable. Firstly, I would like to say that I am A+ certified, and have tried the obvious, such as rebooting, etc.... I've unplugged unneccesary connections and I've disabled unneeded applications from launching at startup in the Task Manager's boot tab. Anyways, I was rebooting to finish an uninstall of Virtual Audio Cable (I did the uninstall a few days ago, had to reinstall because of a change in plans, got an error message because I didn't finish the uninstall with a reboot, and then proceeded to attempt said reboot). After booting, whenever Skype launches, the taskbar will freeze, my cursor will become my loading circle, and after about a minute the entire desktop will crash, leaving only my loading circle cursor and a blue background (blue is my chosen windows 8 window color). However, if I do not launch Skype, the desktop will be fine for an indefinite amound of time. I can hover my mouse over any item in the task bar and it will show the sort of glowing, silvery border around the icon's "box," which means it is working properly. I can even run other applications normally. The time between launchin Skype and the crash varies from almost instantly to about two minutes at most. I can provide photos of my screen during the glitch at request, along with with my system specifications. I am genuinely stumped by this problem, and I need to be able to use my computer reliably. I do have Start8 installed, but I doubt it has anything to do with this crash. I did notice when uninstalling Skype in the Add or Remove programs window that it was supposedly downloaded today, on the 20th of April, but since Windows 8 seems to hate Skype now, I can't reinstall it. I know that it is probably possible to just install an older version of Skype, but the fact that this glitch is happening means that there is something wrong in my system, and I do not want this "glitch in the matrix" hurting anything else.
Thank you
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  1. After further testing, it appeared it was just an update gone wrong and their is nothing wrong on my computer. A moderator can lock this topic at will. Thank you!
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