Is this Craigslist build worth it?

I was looking at this build, and it seems pretty good for the price. Here's the specs

i5 3570k
Asrock Pro4
16GB RAM DDR3(don't know speed, but it doesn't really matter)
Thermaltake Commander MS-I Epic Edition Case
Thermaltake 500 watt PSU
2 250GB Hard Drives
Dvd reader/burner
23" Dell monitor
USB wifi adapter.

Everything for $450. Im planning to throw in a 7970 in there.
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  1. No it really is not...
  2. Not with a crappy power supply and no dedicated graphics card.
  3. Is this Craigslist build worth it?


    Looking at the actual specs:
  4. Nope it's a rip off
  5. Cheap and poorly built is written all over that ad it makes me cringe
  6. Best answer
    You're a baller so go ahead and get something nice and custom with lights and screens all over it
  7. As everyone else mentioned it's definitely not worth buying!
  8. Thanks everyone for the answer. The guy had already OC'ed it, rendering the warranty useless. Giving best answer to the guy who said I was a baller, gave me a laugh.
  9. 500w is quite low but Thermaltake is a quality brand.
    bignastyid said:
    Not with a crappy power supply and no dedicated graphics card.
  10. I guess it depends on the series the thermaltake tr2, purepower NP and RU series are not by any means good. The bigger(800w+) toughpowers are good, the litepowers and smaller toughpowers are ok. It maybe one of the better one I just saw thermaltake and for some reason though of the TR2 since its the cheapest.
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