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So I am a newby pc builder and i manged to build my current pc all okay without anyproblems. But since the first build i have neglected the +5v, D+, D-, Ground cable from my case and i guess that cable is for the front panel sound and usbs but im not sure where to plug them in. I have referred to the manual many times but i never got it.

Thermaltake Commander Mid tower atx
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  1. That's a USB connector. Here's a picture demonstrating the order to plug them in.
  2. But im not sure which one to plug into because inside my mobo manual it doesnt tell me where to plug it in.
  3. Usually the ports on the board are marked. Look at the board for nine-pin headers that look like the pic and it should say "USB" above or below that header. It doesn't matter which USB header you use. In the mobo manual there should also be a diagram showing the location of different ports and headers. Any one that's marked USB 2.0 will work.
  4. Okay ill try that in a little bit ill respond asap ty
  5. I still haven't tried it but the wire is onyl a 4 pin so i can still plug it in right?
  6. The four-pin wire is a single USB port, while the 9-pin supports two USB ports. Plug the four-pin into either the upper or lower row making sure to line it up properly according to the image posted.
  7. Well i tried it and it worked, thanks
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