some fan problems...

so to say the least, i have some fan problems. i have a CM Storm scout (basic, with side window) and an ASROCK H77 PRO4/MVP motherboard. now, just today i replaced all the case fans (1 120mm on the back, 1 140mm on the top, 1 140mm on the front) with 4 others. they´re all from "nanoxia", and they´re supposed to be quiet and glow green. however so far, that hasn't been so successful :(

ive got 2 of these: one in the back, and one in the lower part of window- (1300 RPM Model)

and 2 of these: one in top and one in front- (1400 RPM model)

so yeah. looks pretty solid. they´ve got noctuas stats for 3rd the price...buuuut, heres the problem: they´re all equipped with 3-pin connectors, and the previous fans were all 2 pin+power connected. the 2 pin to the front panel (theres a switch to turn off/on light) and the power to god knows where...the top one never started, dont know why :-/

so i connected all of the new ones to the motherboard...which was very limited on fan headers (check stats):

when i do this, they all blow, and they all work, but none of them light up green and they all seem to make much noise at 1050rpm...they promised 14.2Db(a) at 1300rpm. or maybe thats just my stock 1155 intel cooler? when i put my ear to them it sure sounds like nanoxia´s guilty.

okay, so i clearly need help :) i have only 2 spare fan headers and a second cpu fan header that i can use (i do own a y-cable for one chassis_fan so no problems. but which do i connect to which? a long thread, but i tried my best to keep it short :)

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  1. You'll need to run them at 7v to keep them quiet, but you can't rely on marketing info; you have to read tests performed by a trusted site, e.g. this test performed by spcr: You often get what you pay for.

    If I were you I'd return them and I'd buy fans that have been tested and certified to be quiet by an independant site or lab.
  2. GhislainG said:
    You often get what you pay for.

    true that. but i´ve tested it myself...sorta. i powered a fan outside the case, alone with 12V (full speed), and i really couldnt hear a thing. it was dead silent untill i was 20cm with my ear.then there was a slight breeze. then i put em in. first i used the anti-vibration screws coming with the fans, but they were a pain to put in, and they vibrated even more so than with screws. so i switched. it got a little better, but i still aint satisfied :-/ it might be the stock intel cooler, because i have an asus gtx 670 dcu2 in it as well, which never exceed 20% fan speed in real life situations (gaming)

    in furmark extreme test 1080p, it maxes a 70 celcius, so cooling is great. airflow also feels powerful when hovering my hand over each one of them.

    fans are a real treat. its compatibility issues this time :(
  3. Determining if the Intel fan is noisy is child's play. Just stop it with your finger for a few seconds by gradually applying pressure in the middle (don't do it on the blades). Please don't tell me that it will hurt because I've done that quite often. If your fans are identical to the fans used in the Deep Silence cases, then they should be very quiet.

    3 pin fan wiring normally is:
    - Black (pin 1) is ground
    - Red (pin 2) is 12v (or 7v if you use the inline resistor)
    - Yellow (pin 3) is the tach

    None of those fans installed in a Nanoxia case lights up and I couldn't find any evidence that it should at the link that you provided .
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